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Apothic apathy

OK, I continue to try Gallo's Apothic Red in hopes that I'll understand its enduring popularity. I get that the generous fruit flavors make it a delicious quaff, but, my God, the sugar.

As if the sugar isn't enough to ice the tongue, there is enough chocolate flavor to clobber the palate worst than a pie-eating contest. It's like eating a big slice of chocolate cake with an inch of vanilla icing. 

Yet, many people like their wine to taste more like dessert. Why else would producers come up with labels like Cupcake and Layer Cake -- two other popular wine labels?

At $14, the price of Apothic is in a sweet spot (no pun intended) for most consumers. And, Gallo has added Apothic Crush, Apothic White and Apothic Dark to its popular Apothic Red. Both are blends of red grape varieties. 

Most people can detect sweetness when it is greater than .9% residual sugar (or .9 grams per liter). Apothic Red is 1.54 g/l. Ugh. Put is on a popsickle stick.