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Lite wine? Maybe not....

Just in the nick of time before the holiday binge, Weight Watchers has released its long-awaited low-cal wine. It's a New Zealand sauvignon blanc that doesn't eliminate calories, but reduces them from the usual 120 to 85 per glass. That gives the imbiber an opportunity to have another glass -- and thus kill the advantage.


I haven't tasted the wine -- available at Kroger's or through the WW website for $15 -- but I read that it's tart. Well, that's the case for most New Zealand sauvignon blancs. 

WW isn't the only one to market a low-cal wine. Skinny Girl has several on the market now, but other producers have abandoned diet wine. 

Alcohol gives a wine body, so it isn't all about the buzz. It strikes me that it would be better for a weight watcher to have just one traditional glass of good wine at the Thanksgiving table than two glasses of subpar wine.