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Wine = friendships

Sampling wines on nearly a daily basis often numbs the senses. I remember a time before I began writing about wine when opening a bottle was a special occasion. Sometimes it was a holiday, a special meal, a gathering of friends of just nothing more than a Sunday.

Today, I remind myself that wine is more than a science to be dissected by its qualities and flaws. It is a wonderful drink to share with friends — not just on holidays like Christmas but on occasions with nothing more remarkable than giving thanks for the company.

My wife and I shared Christmas Eve with our Florida family — no kids, just adults who have no children or whose children are spending Christmas somewhere else. Besides that we had in common a desire to laugh and share good wine and food. Among the special wines: Faust red blend, Nickel & Nickel cabernet sauvignon, Emeritus pinot noir, Charles Heidisieck rose sauvage.

Perhaps my new year’s resolution is to slow down with the tastings and speed up with the friendships. Tere’s only so much time left.