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Drip no more

Hallelujah, someone invented a dripless bottle. 

Daniel Perlman, a Brandeis University biophysicist and wine enthusiast, studied bottles for three years and noticed how they dripped, particularly when full. Since bottles are similarly shaped at the top, the producer doen't make a difference. They all dripped -- mostly onto white tablecloths which are like magnets to red wine as much as mobile homes are magnets to tornadoes. That's my contribution to the science anyway.

Perlman cut a 1mm-deep, 2mm-wide groove just below the top and wine wouldn't go into it. That's physics. Instead, it went into the glass where it belongs. 

The current bottle design is more than 200 years old. It blows my mind that it took a biophysicist and not a bottle manufacturer this long to figure out such a simple solution to such an annoying problem.