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Amazon is more than just a river

Is there anything you can't get on Amazon?  Now that it owns Whole Foods, we'll be able to do our grocery shopping online. And, now that it has formed a partnership with King Estate, we'll be able to purchase our wine online too. Well, not me.

This movement toward convenience shopping and generic food and wine puts more distance from old-fashioned approaches -- making wine and selling it through distribution channels that enable consumers to stop by their local wine store and actually walk aisles, talk to knowledgeable sales staff and muse over a vast array of choices.

I was recently gifted a couple of meal from Blue Apron and was shocked by their quality. The meals were inventive and delicious. But, I'm not about to pass up the experience of wandering around a grocery store and musing the possibilities for tonight's dinner.

Call me a neanderthal, but I dread the day when I do my wine shopping online.  I order a lot of stuff from Amazon Prime, but I draw the line at clothes, shoes, food and wine. Younger generations, especially the Millennials, eschew conventions. They buy wines in cans, with weird names and strange colors and blends. There are no rules or standards.