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Background and experience of wine writers Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr, veteran wine critics.


What is there not to like about wine? Few other beverages evoke the sensory pleasure or is wrapped in so much history. Drink a glass of wine and you are transported to a place and a time: the lavender fields of southern France, the rock-covered vineyards of the Rhone Valley, the fog-shrouded vineyards of Napa Valley or the hilltop villages of Tuscany.

I want to draw you into a conversation where enjoying a glass of wine is not the same as sipping Mountain Dew. Let's talk about terroir, micro-climates, clones and fermentation. Do they make any difference in the wine? Or is it just wine babble?

I'll talk about the people behind the wines. Are they a hands-on winemaker -- or just the guy who signs the check? Is he passionate about winemaking or is this just an ego trip for him -- or her?  I will tell you about the leaders in the wine industry and how they make good wine.

In our more than two decades of writing about wine, I have sipped the best with Remi and Henri Krug,  Robert and Veronique Drouhin, Michel Chapoutier, Robert Mondavi, Robert and Veronique Drouhin, Carlos Mastraberandino, Angelo and Gaia Gaja and others. We know wine and we know winemakers.

Join the conversation. 

-- Tom


Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr

Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr

Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr have been writing about wine since 1985. Their weekly column appears in several Maryland newspapers distributed by Capital Gazette Communications/Tribune Media in Annapolis. It also appears in other U.S. newspapers and newspaper web sites, including the Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant, Chicago Tribune, San Diego Union-Tribune and Orlando Sun.  "More About Wine" is an online wine blog written by Tom.

Tom is retired from the newspaper publishing industry and lives with his wife, Sue, in Naples, FL. Besides writing this blog, he also conducts group wine tastings.

Patrick is currently in retail sales for an Annapolis wine store.  He lives in Annapolis with his wife, Brenda. They have three children.

Both have traveled extensively to wine growing regions in France, Italy, Greece, Spain and regularly visit wine producers in California, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, New York and other states.