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Canned applause

I’ve been dreading the urge to write a column about canned wines. I saw it more of an obligation than a desire to learn of the latest fad. I mean, didn’t we go through this with boxed wines? And screw tops?

Well, I did it. It didn’t take me but 15 minutes to blaze through about 20 of them before I felt comfortable saying I didn’t really like them. Sure, they are as convenient as a bag clip. You can toss them into a cooler and smother them with ice and then hand them out with the beer and soda — oops, don’t give the kid one instead of the Pepsi!

But, geez, I couldn’t get past the taste of aluminum. A straw didn’t help. A glass helped, but if you can’t haul a glass bottle to a picnic, why would you take a Riedel? Maybe I’m a fuddy duddy about cans and boxes, but I just can’t look at my cellar and see stacked cans.

Those who do like them had better be careful. The 375ml cans are half a bottle and pack more alcohol per volume than beer. Don’t think you can chug this stuff and not feel pain in the morning. Some cans are only 250ml and 175ml, so that’s an improvement for someone who wants to minimize their intake.

Despite my thoughts and many of yours, I’m sure, sales are increasing. Canned wine represents only 1 percent of wine sales, but the market is growing. So do warts.