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A new TV program on wine

Amazon Prime launched a new series on January 4 that is focused on wine — but not really. Called “It Starts with Wine,” the documentary series begins with a winery in Uruguay. The second one is also in South America.

The producers don’t presume that the series will focus exclusively one wine — it’s more about the wine experience, the food and the people. Even knowing that, I was still disappointed.

The photography is outstanding, but I found little substance beyond the glossy exterior. The third part on the biodynamic efforts of Bonterra left me clueless about what makes them so special. And Bonterra, a pioneer in organic farming, is special. But I learned more about the personal lives of the viticulturalist and winemaker than I did about what makes a vineyard biodynamic.

So, if you are looking for entertainment, perhaps you’ll enjoy this series more than me. But if you are looking for higher learning of the wine business, turn the channel.