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Wine consumption highest in Idaho. Really?

I don’t have anything against Idaho, known to most of us as a potato, but I find it hard to believe that its residents consume more wine per capita than any other state.

The National Institute of Health checks wine sales every year and finds that the Gem State continues to lead the pack in per capita consumption, followed by Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, New Mexico and Vermont. Now, there aren’t a lot of people in Idaho so those who are stuck there drink a lot. Or so it seems.

Californians drink the most wine — but there are a lot of people in California so their per capita consumption isn’t as impressive.

Even wine sales personnel in Idaho have a hard time believing this result. Some theorize that the state’s proximity to California and strong shipping sales from that state have a lot to do with Idaho’s top ranking. I suggest it may be their isolation. Maybe its massive depression over being known as a potato. But now they have bragging rights the rest of us don’t have.

Go, Idaho.